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● Open Round 19th of each month at 01:00 pm slt.

● Close Round each 10th of each month. 

● Set up start the 14th of each month at 01:00 pm slt .

● Set up end 18th of each month at 10:00 am slt.

Designers Rules

● For each round the payments will be done after 19th till 10th and will mean the position on the event, the box that you pay will mean the position on the event..

● Your items  can be new or old creations. Designers can offer in the event a creation at the 1 rule price ( 101-201-301...) and some other creations with the 50% discount.

● 30 prims available for each designer and 2.000 L rate for each month (you can use your own decoration).

● 50 prims available for each sponsor and 3.000 L rate for each month (you can use your own decoration).

● The payment can be made from day 25 to day 5 of each month in the rent box assigned for that. I understand all booths must be paid for in advance and set up completely. Event fees will not be refunded for late set up or failure to adhere to event rules.

● All designers that are late on payment or set up, will be excluded from the currently round, and we will check the waiting list .

● It's mandatory to participate in the event at least once in the three months after your application,  if you don't participate in the event in this 3 months, you will be ejected from the event group.

● Copyright infringement is strongly prohibited.

● We have room for only 64 designer each round.  If the list of 56 is complete you can enter to the waiting list. If you are in the waiting list you agree to be ready if necessary to rez the day of the event opening. 

● Please respect your neighbors. Everyone has their space to place the vendors.

● It's completely forbidden create for The 101L Event stuff that Linden Lab deems harmful including any content that is illegal, harassing or violates any person´s rights. The 101L Event will have the right to delete any stuff that violates that rule.



 - Late set ups will have an extension fee of 1000L (deadline for set up is 18th at 1 pm slt)
- Late set ups will not be included for our advertisement services.
You are allowed to ask for extra prims if you need them and the price will be of 10L$ per prim.




● Decoration is only allowed inside the booth. 
● The texture of your logo at the top of the booth must be visible.
● No floating text and any kind of scripts are allowed. Only vendor scripts. No TP, groups....
● Only one creation at 101L is allowed, the rest of your creations must be 50% discount
● It´s mandatory to send your exclusive vendor´s picture to the event e-mail
● It´s mandatory share your exclusive in the group for our bloggers


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