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Road of Silence is a monthly event where you can find limited editions, Gachas, and normal creations of our designers.


A limited edition is a creation made only and exclusively for the event. That means that only few people will own this creation cos after the event the designer wont sell the creation anymore. You can create an item 100% limited edition or you can offer for example a limited edition color of your creation.


Gacha ara basically machines that hold a set of items by one creator. These items are transferable, most times modifiable but not copyable. These sets contain common items as well as rare ones and you pay a certain amount of Lindens to play for the items you want.


Designers also can make an exclusive creation for the event. This Creation can not be sold in your main store or marketplace during the event. After the event you can buy it in your main store or market place.


Every 1st of the month


Every 23rd of the month

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